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Blending Beauty and Practicality

Artopex demonstrates the flexibility to meet the specific needs and expectations of every client. Along with the high-quality standard furniture, which adheres to the industry's most rigorous criteria, Artopex also provides custom-designed furniture that fulfills unique requirements of our customers and workplaces across North America. As a forward-thinking company, Artopex consistently invests in innovation and development, delivering efficient solutions that seamlessly combine aesthetics and functionality, so your office can be productive and stylish at the same time.

Forward-Thinking Designs

Artopex’s products are designed to meet the needs and solve the problems of workplaces of today and tomorrow. With consistent investment towards research and development, Artopex stays a step ahead.

High-Quality Commercial-Grade Materials

Artopex prioritizes integrity and quality when it comes to their products and in doing so, Artopex products quality for a series of certifications that address environmental impact and sustainability.

Customize with a Range of Finishes

Artopex collections are always available in a range of finishes and combinations that let you decide the look and feel of your office.

Discover more about Artopex and their versatile collections with a free consultation from an office furniture specialist.

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Artopex's Axel tile panel system is exceptionally versatile and perfect for open-concept workspaces. With its clever design, this all-in-one solution creates authentic and dynamic environments that encourage flexibility and adaptability.

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Axel Pavilion

With its ingenious tile design and multiple finish combinations, the Axel Pavilion is the perfect solution for blending work or meeting areas into an office space.

View Axel Pavilion Collection

Take Off

The Take Off collection by Artopex offers beautiful office furniture that’s designed to be as stylish as it is efficient.

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Give your team a quiet space where they can focus on their work with the Mute Box collection by Artopex.

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The Arlow collection by Artopex takes home office to the next level by using sleek and minimal designs that seamlessly blend into any home office or workspace.

View Arlow Collection


Downtown’s wide range of products can work together to create thoughtful casual meeting spaces, lounge areas, breakrooms, and more.

View Downtown Collection


The Fjord collection exudes a tranquil and inviting tone, aligning perfectly with the growing requirements of comfort and flexibility in the workplace.

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The Locker collection redefines traditional lockers with its unique blend of style and purpose. Artopex Lockers offer versatile storage solutions for various workplace settings.

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Love Where You Work

Artopex is one of Source’s trusted brands because of our shared goal to make your office a place where you and your work can thrive. For decades we’ve furnished offices across Canada with Artopex, improving function, style, and comfort every time. Talk to us today to learn more about how we can do the same for you.