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Bringing Privacy Back

With a mission to bring modern and functional separation back to the workplace, Loftwall designs products that provide visual and acoustic privacy to offices, schools, hospitals, and more. They do this through flexible designs that adapt to changing workplace needs. These designs also add visual interest to any space, while keeping distractions at bay, creating a productive and comfortable environment to work, learn, or play.

Stylish and Flexible Designs

Loftwall’s approach revolves around adaptable designs that cater to evolving workplace requirements. These designs not only bring visual appeal to any setting but also minimize distractions, resulting in productive and comfortable environments.

Range of Colours and Finishes

Loftwall offers a wide selection of colors and finishes across their collections and products, allowing you to personalize and customize your choices to suit your style and preferences.

Quality Construction and Durability

Loftwall uses high-quality materials during the manufacturing process, resulting in products that you can trust for years to come.

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The Shift collection of modern shelving by Loftwall brings the comforts of residential style to your office by giving you a stylish, yet practical source for open storage.

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Make the most out of your office space with Framewall by Loftwall. This collection of free-standing office panels offers versatile solutions that maximize productivity and function in your office.

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The Buffer collections by Loftwall is designed to add privacy to your office in a minimal way that leaves the space feeling airy and bright.

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Tempo by Loftwall is a collection of stylishly designed panels that work together to create spaces that limit noise travel and improve acoustics overall.

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Reclaim Privacy and Restore Focus in Your Office

For many years, Source has worked with Loftwall to create offices that prioritize privacy and function. With years of experience using Loftwall products, our specialists have the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the same. Contact us today to learn more.