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Please visit your local Source Office Furniture showroom or contact a representative near you by phone. We’ll be more than happy to help with product or pricing information, or answer any questions you may have about our office furniture.

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Every office is unique, and so are our furniture solutions. Visit our showroom to browse a wide selection of products on display, so you can find the perfect pieces to fit your space, style, and budget. Our furniture specialists are here to provide expert guidance and personalized recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

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By shopping in person, you get to see our products from every angle, while making sure our laminate colours and materials are exactly what you want.

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Feel the quality of our products and explore the textures of our laminate finishes, seat materials, and more.

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Test our products by taking a seat in our office chairs, adjusting our height-adjustable desks, or testing drawers and cabinets from our storage selection.

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Welcome to Our Store

Hi there. My name is Paul and I am the manager of three Source Office Furniture locations in the Greater Toronto Area, including Markham. I’m pleased to invite you to come to our showroom where you can shop our extensive offering of office furniture in person!

I’ve been the manager of our Ontario locations for over 10 years. Prior to my time at Source, I accumulated experience in sales from varying fields, like the automotive industry, high-end pro-audio equipment, and now in office furniture. What they all have in common is helping people better their experiences with important parts of everyday life.

Source has been a part of the Markham community and surrounding areas for many years now, and we’re proud to help nearby businesses improve the way they work. I’m very lucky to work with a team of passionate people who really care about helping customers and put their energy towards providing the best service possible. Our stores showcase an impressive display of our product offering where you can try any products you’re interested in. Our office furniture specialists are also ready to help you answer any questions, make suggestions based on your needs, or guide you through our showrooms.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Paul DeSouza | Manager
Source Office Furniture - Markham

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About Source Office Furniture Markham

Visit our Markham showroom to shop our selection of office chairs, desks, conference tables and more. Learn more about furnishing your office with advice from our in-store specialists who will guide you through our products and services.

Source Office Furniture Markham is conveniently located off Highway 404 on Steelcase Road, and we invite you to visit us for an in-person shopping experience that is welcoming and informative. Our showroom boasts a vast display of our products. Whether you’re shopping for a new office chair, computer desk, boardroom table, and more, we showcase products from brands we know and trust, like Performance Furnishings, Tayco, HON, Logiflex, Artopex, and so much more. Come explore our range of products and collections that each have their unique style. From traditional styles to modern designs, Source has you covered with a range of laminates, fabrics, and materials to suit your office, company, and industry. By coming to our showroom, you’ll get to see and feel the high-quality and durable construction of our products, while having free reign over which products you try. This can help make the decision-making process easier, while leaving you confident in the products that you choose.

If you’ve come to Source Office Furniture Markham because you’re not sure where or how to start shopping for your office furniture needs, our in-store office furniture specialists will be glad to help you. With decades of combined experience in the office furniture industry, our specialists are experts when it comes to what makes a great office and the products that can help you get there. Based on your needs, resources, and the current problems you’re having with your current office furniture, our specialists can make thoughtful suggestions or guide you through our products so you can get a better idea of what will work and what won’t. If your office furniture needs involve a larger scale project that requires furniture for entire offices, we also offer free space planning services that will help you get the most our of your office space.

Source Office Furniture Markham is proud to serve Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Stouffville.

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Services Available at this Location

  • Office Space Planning
  • In-Person Consultation
  • Delivery & Installation

Service Areas

Markham, Vaughan, Thornhill, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, North York, Newmarket, Stouffville

Office Space Planning for Your Markham and Toronto Office

Opting for an appropriate office layout is important for establishing a workspace that fosters productivity and efficiency. The design of an office layout should be tailored to cater to both the business requirements and the well-being of its employees. The ideal layout maximizes the utilization of the entire space while avoiding cramped furniture arrangements that lead to uncomfortable working conditions. It’s also important to consider the fluidity of the space, ensuring effortless movement and convenient access to various areas. Striking a balance between open spaces that encourage collaboration and secluded areas that enable individuals to work undisturbed by visual or auditory disruptions is also pivotal. When all of these considerations contribute to a well thought out office floor plan, you’ll be left with an office that encourages collaboration, improves communication, and reaches peak efficiency for high productivity and performance day in and day out.

At Source Office Furniture Markham, we understand that this part of the office furnishing process can be overwhelming. The significance placed on the establishing the right office layout can make it challenging to determine what will be suitable in the long term and to commit to a design that you’re confident in. That's why we provide complimentary space planning services, where we take on the guess work out of mapping out your office, presenting you with various options to choose from. Our team of experts will familiarize themselves with the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup and gain an understanding of your specific requirements, such as the number of employees to accommodate or the desired amount of meeting spaces. With this information, they will get a better grasp of your office space using supplied measurements or blueprints. If you don’t have this information on hand, we offer a free in-person consultation where we’ll personally take all the necessary measurements. With details about your space and needs on hand, our space planning experts will collaborate with you and your designated office furniture specialists to develop layout options for you to choose from. Once you have settled on a layout, you can start shopping for new office furniture that fit within the measurements of your new office layout.

Finding the Right Office Chair in our Markham Showroom

As the piece of furniture that has the most contact with your body throughout workday, it’s important to choose an office chair that will support your body, keeping your posture and ergonomics in mind. Without the right support, you might experience aches and pains in your lower back, shoulders, and neck, which can serve as a distraction from your important tasks. A good ergonomic office chair is designed with adjustment settings that let you achieve a customized fit that’s tailored to your body. These adjustments include height, seat tilt, lean, armrests, and more. By providing optimal support and allowing for proper alignment of the body, an ergonomic chair helps reduce fatigue, discomfort, and the likelihood of work-related injuries. A comfortable and ergonomic chair also enhances concentration and focus, enabling individuals to work more efficiently and productively.

At Source Markham, you get an in-person shopping experience that is especially important when it comes to shopping for chairs. Our showroom features a wall of chairs where you can try just about all of our options Whether you prefer to shop independently or with the guidance of a specialist, our in-person shopping experience offers you the freedom to test and evaluate chairs to your heart's content. You can browse at your own pace or seek assistance, ensuring that you have ample opportunity to try out numerous chairs as many times as you like.

Computer Desks for Your Office in Markham

Choosing the right office desk is key for creating a functional and productive workspace. The desk serves as a central component of the office environment, where employees spend a significant portion of their working hours. The right desk should accommodate the specific needs of the user, providing ample space for work essentials such as a computer, documents, and other tools. An appropriately sized desk promotes organization and efficiency, allowing for a clutter-free work area. It should offer sufficient legroom and ergonomic considerations, ensuring that individuals can maintain a comfortable and healthy posture throughout the day. This helps prevent strains on the neck, back, and wrists, reducing the risk of musculoskeletal issues and promoting overall well-being. Additionally, the design and layout of the desk should align with the nature of the work being performed. Some tasks may require additional features like built-in cable management, adjustable height options, or storage compartments for enhanced functionality. A well-chosen desk can contribute to a smoother workflow and improved productivity, as it provides a dedicated space to focus and complete tasks efficiently.

With so many floor models of our most popular desks on display, you’ll discover multiple options that vary in style, shape, and colour. Our range of desk options include straight desks, L-shape and U-shape desks, height-adjustable standing desks, reception desks, and more. In our Markham showroom, you’ll have ample opportunity to sit behind desks of your choosing and imagine what it would be like to work there every day. See our laminate finishes in person and compare them to one another to see which option is best for your style and office. If you’re not sure which desk is right for your needs, our office furniture specialists can guide you through our selection, while giving you suggestions for what can work within your space and resources.

Casual Meeting Spaces for Your Markham Office

Formal and informal meeting spaces in the office play integral roles in facilitating effective communication, collaboration, and productivity. Formal meeting spaces, such as conference rooms or boardrooms, provide a structured environment for important discussions, presentations, and decision-making processes. On the other hand, informal meeting spaces, such as lounge areas, breakout zones, or collaborative corners, serve as relaxed and comfortable settings for spontaneous conversations, brainstorming sessions, and informal collaborations. These spaces encourage open communication, foster creativity, and nurture relationships among team members. The presence of both formal and informal meeting spaces is vital for providing the flexibility your staff members crave, while supporting a range of communication needs and work styles and improving moral and culture in your office.

When it comes to outfitting your office with formal and informal meeting spaces, starting at Source Office Furniture Markham is an excellent choice. Shop our range of meeting tables, boardroom tables, and soft seating option in person, and discover how they can work together to create meeting spaces your team will love. While determining how to integrate meeting areas amongst individual workstations in your office can be challenging, our complimentary space planning services can assist you in designing an office layout that strikes the ideal balance between private workspaces, fostering individual focus, and collaborative areas, promoting teamwork and synergy.