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Choosing the perfect laminate finish, accessory, or fabric for your furniture is no easy feat and visualizing furniture pieces in your space can be a challenge. Whether you’re looking to match the design of your building, or if you need to find pieces that go with your current office furniture, we understand that style and aesthetics are important in an office environment.

That’s why we offer samples. We have laminate blocks and fabric swatches available so you can visualize and plan your space with ease. Take them with you so you can see the colours come to life in their intended space. Call or visit your nearest Source Office Furnishings location to learn more.

Please note that our samples are just a small representation of our finishes and may not be an idential match to the product. Variations can occur in the patterns and grains of our laminates and fabrics.

Explore our laminate colours and CoolMesh fabric selection online. Learn More