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Artopex Axel – Explore this versatile panel system for open-concept workspaces at Source Office Furniture.

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For Open Workspaces That Inspire

Artopex's Axel tile panel system is exceptionally versatile and perfect for open-concept workspaces. With its clever design, this all-in-one solution creates authentic and dynamic environments that encourage flexibility and adaptability. Smoothly transition from individual workspaces to collaborative areas that give staff members options when it comes to where they work. Axel also offers smart wiring and cable management, keeping your team connected in everything they do. With a range of materials and finishes to choose from, including felt and fabric options that limit sound and noise travel, Axel lets you customize the look, feel, and functionality of your entire office.

Tile System Design

The unique design of Axel’s tile system lets you customize the height and finishes of your office panels. Stack and combine different finishes together to achieve a look that suits your space.

Your Choice of Tile Finishes

Axel tiles come in laminate, felt, acrylic, and fabric finishes that work together to create a unique look. Choose a felt or fabric finish to improve acoustics in your office or opt for acrylic to preserve natural light.

Data and Power Capabilities

Axel’s integrated power and data capabilities make wiring and cable management easy, so your space can look clean and clutter-free.

Learn more about how Axel by Artopex can create thoughtful privacy in your open office with a free consultation from one of our office furniture specialists.

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