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Artopex Mute Box – Redefining Workspace Focus and Collaboration

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Mute Box

Tune Into Your Work

Give your team a quiet space where they can focus on their work with the Mute Box collection by Artopex. Available in a Solo size for individual work or a Collab size that fits up to 4 people, this free-standing booth easily integrates into any open-concept office with its fully enclosed design. Each booth is made with double glass and door seals that prevent noise from traveling in or out. Choose from a range of internal and external finishes and furnish the booth with furniture pieces of your choice for a customized experience.

Designed for Acoustic Performance

The acoustic performance of this collection is exceptional due to the use of double glass walls, door seals, and high-density soundproofing.

Customizable Style and Your Choice of Furniture

Customize your Mute Box by selecting from a variety of internal and external finish combinations and furnish the booth with furniture pieces of your choice.

Easily Integrates Into Your Current Office Setup

Mute Box is free-standing and can be seamlessly incorporated into any space, without altering anything else in your office.

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