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Artopex Axel Pavilion – Redefining Office Spaces with Innovative Tile Design.

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Axel Pavilion

Create Intentional Spaces

With its ingenious tile design and multiple finish combinations, the Axel Pavilion is the perfect solution for blending work or meeting areas into an office space. Its vertical walls and overhead structures reach new heights, defining a space by using taller panels, resulting in room-like structures that can be used as private offices, meeting spaces, touchdown stations, rest areas, and more. Axel Pavilion is also designed to manage noise and sound travel, improving acoustics in workspaces by using fabric and felt tiles, and slatted ceilings that are made with felt. In addition to fabric and felt, you can also choose laminate and acrylic tile finishes that add natural style and preserve natural light throughout your office.

Create Rooms with Walls and Overhead Structures

By utilizing taller panels, the vertical walls and overhead structures of the Axel Pavilion collection provide an effective means of defining spaces with different functions and purposes.

Tile Design Allows For A Combination of Finishes

A variety of finishes, including laminate, felt, acrylic, and fabric, are available for Axel tiles, providing a diverse selection to choose from when creating a distinctive aesthetic.

Improved Acoustics and Noise Management

The Axel Pavilion is designed to reduce noise and sound travel, effectively improving acoustics using fabric and felt tiles, creating a more pleasant and productive working environment.

Discover how Axel Pavilion can help you create spaces within your office that encourage a balance of privacy and collaboration by speaking with an office furniture specialist near you.

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