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Designed to Propel You Forward

ESI is designed with you in mind. Their range of accessories for the office makes it easy to stay active, healthy, and productive at work. From monitor arms to lighting solutions, ESI’s accessories enhance your workspace with ergonomic considerations that let you achieve the most comfortable and supportive environment. ESI products are also made with quality and care, using high-quality materials that keep sustainability in mind.

Designs that Help You Keep Up

ESI’s range of office accessories are designed to empower you while you work, helping you achieve ergonomic comfort that lasts all day.

Made with Quality

During the manufacturing process, ESI keeps quality and sustainability in mind. This means that ESI products have the durability to last for years to come.

Wide Range of Products

Discover just about all you need to attain the next level of ergonomics and comfort in your workspace. From monitor arms, keyboard trays, and lighting to sit-to-stand solutions, ESI has you covered.

Learn more about how you can achieve next-level productivity and comfort with office accessories by reaching out to an office furniture specialist near you.

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Monitor Arms

ESI provides a comprehensive range of monitor arm solutions designed to adapt to the evolving requirements of virtually any office environment and user.

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Keyboard Solutions

Save your arms, wrists, and hands from discomfort with ESI’s line of adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays that offer maximum support and comfort while you accomplish your day-to-day work.

View Keyboard Solutions Collection

Power Solutions

Today’s modern offices are made with power and connectivity in mind. With ESI’s collection of power solutions, it’s easy to keep your devices charged so they’re ready to go when you need them most.

View Power Solutions Collection

Sit to Stand

Unfortunately, sitting for long periods throughout the day can cause back pain, fatigue, and health problems overtime. With ESI’s Sit to Stand Lotus collection, you can easily switch from sitting to standing anytime you want.

View Sit to Stand Collection

ESI Lighting

ESI’s lighting selection consists of desk lamps and under-cabinet options that allow you to control brightness settings and more.

View ESI Lighting Collection

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Elevate Your Workspace with ESI

As one of our trusted brands, ESI takes your office furniture to new heights with office accessories that are designed to make your office furniture even better. Discover more about ESI by contacting us today.