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Keyboard Solutions

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Keyboard Solutions

Maximum Comfort

Save your arms, wrists, and hands from discomfort with ESI’s line of adjustable ergonomic keyboard trays that offer maximum support and comfort while you accomplish your day-to-day work. These keyboard trays mount on the underside of your desk's surface, taking up minimal space in your setup. Easily pull the tray out and use your keyboard at a height and tilt that’s comfortable for your body. Tuck it away when not in use for a clean and clutter-free workspace.

Multiple Height and Tilt Adjustments Available

Your wrist and elbows should be at the same height when you use your keyboard. With ESI Keyboard Solutions, you can achieve a height that maximizes comfort.

Simple Designs that Easily Stow Away

ESI Keyboard Solutions come in a discrete black profile that easily tucks into the underside of your desk.

R-Series Made of Recycled Materials

All ESI Keyboard Solutions can be made with R-series material, which is made entirely from post-consumer materials, ensuring complete recyclability.

Discover peak comfortability with ergonomic accessories like ESI’s keyboard trays by talking to an office furniture specialist near you.

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