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Stand Up for a Better Way to Work

It’s easy to spend an entire workday sitting. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods throughout the day can cause back pain, fatigue, and health problems overtime. With ESI’s Sit to Stand Lotus collection, you can easily switch from sitting to standing anytime you want. The Lotus collection works like a monitor arm, clamping onto your desk surface, while holding up to 2 monitors. A key difference is that Lotus also makes space for your keyboard and mouse, bringing your entire workstation with you when you adjust the height. With this sit to stand offering from ESI, you feel more energized and comfortable while you do your work.

Easy Movement and Adjustability

ESI’s sit to stand solutions allow you to change the height and direction of your workspace, letting you take your entire setup with you.

Holds up to 2 Monitors

Lotus holds up to two monitors, increasing your screen space for a more efficient way to work.

Sleek and Modern Design

Available in black and silver, Lotus’ sleek and minimal design makes it easy to integrate into your current office design.

Design your workspaces with health in mind with ESI’s Lotus collection of sit to stand products. Get started today by reaching out to an office furniture specialist.

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Take the stress off your back with sit to stand accessories that make it easy to stand at work. Just talk to an office furniture specialist to discover all your options when it comes to sit to stand solutions from Source.