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Client Project - National Money Mart | Source Office Furniture

National Money Mart: Inspiring Workstations for an Open-Concept Office

When it comes to creating workstations that let your team do their best work, Source Office Furniture is always up for the task. When National Money Mart (NMM) came to Source Office Furniture Brampton to furnish their open-concept office in Toronto, we partnered with Tayco Office Furniture to meet all of NMM’s needs. The result: a bright, open, and inspiring space fit for 34 employees.

Adding Privacy with Cubicle Walls from Tayco Switch

There are many benefits to a thoughtfully planned open-concept office, like seamless communication, flow, and more. However, privacy plays an important role in making your employees feel comfortable, while creating visual and acoustic division to drive focus and concentration.

In NMM’s office, we used Tayco's Switch collection of customizable panels that create cubicle walls. Switch is available in multiple heights and materials, so we were able to achieve the right amount of privacy without making the space feel closed off, while using a bright Cyan Blue fabric to energize the space. We topped the panels with frosted glass to continue the flow of natural light coming from the exterior windows.

Workstation Desks and Storage

Once each workstation was defined by cubicle walls, we used panel-mounted desks and storage pedestals to maximize usable space. We opted for Tayco’s Fogo Harbour laminate finish to continue the bright and vibrant feel of the office, while adding monitor arms to maximize desk space and ergonomics.

Revitalize Your Office with Source

Inspire your team and reenergize your work environment with office furniture that puts function, style, and quality first. At Source, we offer a wide selection of brands and products, while offering services like free space planning so you can get the most out of your office. Call or visit your nearest Source Office Furniture location to get started.