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Switch by Tayco Office Furniture - Shop office cubicles and panel systems with Switch by Tayco at Source Office Furniture.

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Tayco Switch

Create Workspaces that Inspire

Add purpose and intent to areas in your office with Switch by Tayco. Designed to accommodate the evolving needs of the office, Switch’s slim panel design is smart, impactful, and makes the most out of your office space. With plenty of customizable features available, Switch responds to your needs, while evolving with your team and your business.

Streamlined Design

Switch’s 2-inch panel system features power and data capabilities, making it one of the most streamlined and low-profile in the market. That means you can make the most out of every square footage you have to work with, leaving no wasted space.


Whether you’re looking to create semi-private workspaces, like cubicles, or fully walled private offices, Switch comes in a variety of sizes, heights, and configurations that enhance the functionality of your office, resulting in higher efficiency and performance.

Finishes and Materials

Switch also comes in a variety of laminates, fabrics, and materials. Together, these finishes work together to create workspaces that match your style, company, and branding.

Learn more about how you can make the most our of your office using Switch by Tayco with a free consultation from a specialist at Source Office Furniture.

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