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Client Project - Grant Thornton | Source Office Furniture

Grant Thornton: Transforming an Outdated Office

If you want to inspire your team to do great work at the office, an office refresh with new and improved furniture may be what you need. An updated office with furniture that’s stylish, comfortable, and provides ergonomic support can make a huge impact on productivity and well-being in your work environment. As a result, you can boost morale and create a team of happy and healthy employees.

Employees now have higher demands when it comes to where they work. It’s not uncommon for employees to split their time between working from home and working in the office. With the hybrid work model in mind and the push for employees to return to the office, it’s even more important for companies and employers to provide a dynamic, comfortable, and inspiring workplace with new and modern office furniture that keeps up with these new standards.

It’s Out with the Old and In with the New for Grant Thornton

When Grant Thornton Chartered Accountants came to Source to furnish their newly renovated space in downtown Kelowna, their goal was to transform their office. As the recipient of multiple Best Workplaces awards, they wanted to create a better environment that their team could be excited about, while fostering a culture of success and growth.

Grant Thornton has occupied the same office space in Downtown Kelowna for over 20 years. Their old space consisted of peach carpet, peach wallpaper, and a bunch of mismatched furniture that became outdated and lackluster as the years went by. With employees coming back to the office after months of working from home, it was a great time for Grant Thornton to completely transform their space.

grant thornton kelowna office exterior

This transformation involved a full renovation that tackled everything from new floors and paint to a floorplan reconfiguration. With a new space in the horizon, it was important to find office furniture that would reflect the bright and modern style that the renovation hoped to achieve.

Working with Source Office Furniture

To find the right office furniture dealer that offered sleek and modern options, it was important to Grant Thronton that the company was local. That’s where Source’s showroom and presence in Kelowna came into play. The proximity to the showroom made it easy for Grant Thornton to try our products in store, while seeing and feeling our different colours and materials. Meanwhile, the proximity of Grant Thornton’s office also made it easy for our team to get a good understanding of the space in person, which is a very helpful step when it comes to creating a functional layout.

Creating an office layout that accommodates all your team members and how they like to work can be an intimidating process. When you’re working with a blank canvas, it can be tough to visualise where all the office furniture will go. Fortunately, Source’s team of designers have years of experience creating spaces that address a wide range of requirements that your team or business might have. For Grant Thornton’s office, we created a floor plan that spaciously accommodates 49 cubicle workstations, 29 private offices, 22 benching workstations, several meeting rooms, and a lunchroom.

With moving pieces and changing timelines in Grant Thronton’s renovation project, we ordered, received, and stored Grant Thornton’s new office furniture in our warehouse until they were ready from a construction and trades perspective. As soon as they told us they were ready, we got to work delivering and installing new desks, panel systems, meeting tables, and more. We were dedicated to making this step in the process quick and seamless for Grant Thornton, so they could get back to work.

Furnishing Grant Thornton’s Office

Work Areas and Workstations

Grant Thornton wanted their office to be bright and open, without sacrificing privacy. To achieve that balance, we used Tayco’s Switch collection to form cubicle walls that are sleek, low-profile, and modern by design. Each panel is topped with frosted glass to maximize privacy, while still allowing natural sunlight to flow from the windows through the entire space.

Each workstation is furnished with desks and personal storage pedestals from the Scene collection by Tayco. Contributing to the bright and airy look Grant Thornton was after, we kept the finishes light in colour. To maximize ergonomics, we equipped each workstation with CoolMesh Pro Plus Executive High Back Chairs.

Private Offices

To create a cohesive look between the private offices and the open work areas, we continued using Scene by Tayco for desking and personal storage, adding frosted-glass modesty panels for added comfort and privacy. For ergonomic seating, we used the CoolMesh High Back Chair. We added pops of colour with Agenda Nesting Chairs, and incorporated coloured cushions for various cabinets and credenzas, perfect for making guests and colleagues comfortable during a quick chat or meeting.

Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms

Anchoring the boardroom is a table from Tayco's Norris collection. With enough room to accommodate at least 18 people, this table takes a rectangular shape, while featuring rounded corners that make it easy to squeeze in last-minute meeting attendees. With so many sizes available, we used Norris for multiple meeting rooms of varying sizes and occupancy. Maric Chairs by Performance surround each table creating a light, modern, and cohesive look that lets attendees get comfortable.

The Breakroom

In the same way that the kitchen is the heart of the home, the breakroom or lunchroom is the heart of an office. With the right furniture, breakrooms encourage employees to take well-deserved breaks, socialize, and form connections with their coworkers. In Grant Thornton’s breakroom, we used Classic Tables with cross legs to maximize legroom. We surrounded each table with the Tela Chairs whose easy-to-clean polypropylene construction makes it perfect for high-traffic areas.

A New Office for Endless Productivity

When the team at Grant Thornton saw the new office, it was truly a wow moment. The outdated office they were so used to seeing is now transformed into a bright and airy space with cohesive office furniture throughout, creating an environment that sparks excitement and creativity. With ergonomic chairs at every workstation, employees can now work comfortably and with the support their bodies need during the workday. Plenty of formal and informal meeting areas are available throughout the office, promoting teamwork and collaboration. And with a new balance of open concept and privacy at each workstation, every team member can settle into their own space where they can work without interruption.

Update Your Office with Source

If you’re ready to make your office work better, we’re ready to help. With 40 years of experience transforming outdated and dysfunctional offices, we know what it takes to turn your space into a productive, ergonomic, and inspiring work environment that your team will love coming to.


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