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Client Project - Equiton Partners | Source Office Furniture

Equiton Partners: Making Space for a Growing Team

With any successful and growing business, it’s common to experience growing pains when it comes to your office space. As your business expands, so does your team. Making sure that your employees are comfortable not only boosts productivity, but can also boost morale and have a positive impact on your work environment. To achieve or maintain this, you may find that moving to a bigger space is the best option.

When Equiton Partners, a commercial and residential property development company, relocated their office to accommodate their growing team, Source was thrilled to help them create an office with more space and improved functionality. For Equiton Partners’ 140 employees, that meant creating a mixture of collaborative areas and private workstations.

Highlighting Company Branding Through Furniture

In addition to making space for their growing team, Equiton Partners wanted their new office to reflect their company and brand. To achieve this, finding office furniture solutions that matched their brand colours was key.

Luckily, Source’s connection to various office furnishing brands and manufacturers provided Equiton Partners with a wide selection to choose from. With the help of these trusted brands, such as Tayco, Artopex, Nightingale, and more, we were able to suggest products and create a customized office that best reflects the company’s brand colours and identity.

To get there, we worked closely with Equiton Partners to fully understand their wants, needs and brand. Understanding the space they had to work with also involved in-person consultations that resulted in creating a plan, and making it come to life in the reception area, boardrooms, breakroom, and general work area of Equiton Partner’s new office.

Greeting Guests and Employees in the Reception Area

Reception areas are especially important for giving employees and visitors a lasting first impression. From those first few steps and glances, a lot can be said about your company’s background, culture, and personality, which is why creating a welcoming atmosphere is key.

For Equiton Partners, we created an inviting and approachable space that will make visitors and employees feel comfortable and at ease.

In the entrance, OFGO Infinity’s soft benching takes a polished and contemporary approach to seating. Its simple design is minimal and low-profile, making it perfect for entryways where signage is the main point of focus.

Inside, soft seating by Artopex awaits visitors and invites them to get comfortable.Atropex’s Cuadro and Fjord collections offer a unique, yet simplistic element to the reception space.

Distraction-Free Cubicles

When it comes to encouraging productivity, cubicles play an important role in creating separation and privacy between employees. While spaces that promote collaboration and teamwork are important, employees also need a quiet, distraction-free space that they can call their own.

To create separation in what was previously an open space, we outfitted Equiton Partners’ main bullpen area with Tayco’s Switch collection. Switch offers paneling systems that are unique to a space and fully customizable in height, width, and finishes.

Inside the cubicles, Tayco’s Metro collection provides functional desking and storage solutions for each workstation, giving the office a clean and uniformed look.

Time for a Break

Lunchrooms offer so much more than just a place to eat. They provide daily opportunities for staff to interact and make connections, which can spark creativity and ideas. Apart from social interactions, lunchrooms also invite and remind team members to take breaks, allowing them to do so in a comfortable area away from their workstations.

Equiton Partners wanted to create a space that served their employees. Using a combination of Tela Guest Chair table seating, Artopex Crema counter seating, and soft benching solutions from OFGO's Unify collection, we furnished Equiton Partners’ lunchrooms with a variety of seating options to make the space versatile and flexible.

Collaborating with Boardroom Furniture

The traditional boardroom is still a vital part of every office. Whether you’re meeting with your team members or new clients, creating a distraction-free space for collaboration and teamwork is essential.

Nightingale’s EC6 boardroom chairs surround the boardroom table and provide an executive feel to the space. EC6’s high-back design also guarantees comfort and lasting support for those longer meetings.

For more casual gatherings, OFGO’s Infinity benches, previously seen in the entrance, offer an alternate place to sit and take an informal approach to meetings.

Making Space for Your Team

When it comes to creating spaces for your growing team, Source is ready to help you achieve an office that reflects the culture and personality of your business. Source’s office floor planning services can help you transform a blank space into a multi-functional office that meets all the needs of your business and employees. Whether you’re furnishing a reception area, a general workspace, lunchrooms, or boardrooms, Source can help you find modern office solutions that suit your space, style, and budget. Contact your nearest Source Office Furnishings location to take the next step towards a space you and your team will love.