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Client Project - EC Market | Source Office Furniture

EC Market: Striking a Balance Between Open-Concept and Privacy in the Office

Many tech companies thrive in open and collaborative settings because it promotes seamless communication throughout the day. While open-concept workstations are beneficial, it’s also important to balance semi-private work areas to add privacy and structure to the office. When it comes to striking this balance, a lot of planning should go into the layout and configuration of open-concept offices, making them an exciting space to transform.

When EC Market (also known as Conexiom), a company that specializes in providing automatic order and invoice processing, came to Source Office Furniture to outfit their office, we were happy to help them find solutions that match their style, collaboration needs, and the nature of their business.

FInding the Right Office Layout

To start, our office furniture specialist worked with EC Market to determine what they needed from their office space, including how many employees they needed to accommodate. From there, our space planning experts explored layout options that would maximize EC market’s office and make the best use out of every inch of space, while taking optimal flow and spacing into consideration. We provided EC Market with 2D and 3D renderings of their layout options, and once EC Market picked one they liked, our specialist got started with the furniture selection process.

Team Workstations and Benching

For team workstations in the open-concept area, we used Tayco’s Scene collection to achieve a sleek and contemporary look and feel. We opted for light finishes for the legs and top to promote a bright and airy environment. Each station is outfitted with a matching storage pedestal unit, giving every employee the space to organize their supplies and belongings.

Creating Cubicles with Tayco Switch

Continuing with the light accessories and laminate finishes, the semi-private workstations in EC Market’s office were created using Tayco’s Switch collection of low-profile cubicle walls and panel systems. To preserve the brightness and natural light from surrounding windows, we kept the panels low and incorporated glass to prevent a closed off feel in the office.

Looking to create open and semi-private workstations in your office? Source carries a wide variety of products that can help you create a space that’s perfect your team, and your business. With 12 locations across Canada, our experts can guide you through the process in-person or over the phone. Call or visit today!