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Client Project - DHL Global | Source Office Furniture

DHL Global: Balancing Privacy and Collaboration in the Workplace

A little privacy can go a long way when creating a workspace for your team members that they can call their own. While open-concept offices have their perks, some separation may be what your team needs to create the perfect balance of collaboration and independent work.

To achieve this balance, DHL Global, a leading logistics company, came to Source Office Furniture Calgary. DHL Global provides logistic solutions to their customers, like shipping, delivery, warehousing, and more. Since 1969, DHL leads with a mission to build connections with locations in countries all over the world.

Semi-Private Workspaces with Panels and Cubicle Walls

To create privacy and define each workspace, we used the Switch collection by Tayco. This collection of panels and cubicle walls is available in a variety of height options, letting you achieve the perfect amount of privacy. Switch is also known for its low-profile 2-inch panel design that reduces bulk and makes the most out of your floor space. This sleek construction is also great for achieving a modern and contemporary feel in your office.

We outfitted each workstation with storage drawers, keeping the space organized and clutter-free. We combined light-coloured desk surfaces with dark paneling to add eye-catching contrast to the space, while low privacy panels throughout the middle section of the office allow natural light to flow from the windows.

Create an Office Your Team will Love with Source

If you’re looking to achieve a similar balance of openness and privacy throughout your office, our space planning and office furniture experts can help you create a space that you and your team will love. Call or visit your nearest Source Office Furnishings location to take the first step.