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Tips for Setting Up School Space

Tips for Setting Up School Space

Beyond colourful and informative decorations (think world maps) and materials, furniture and classroom setup go a long way in ensuring students get the most out of their education. Learning in a quality environment can be an enriching experience, and vital in helping students succeed.

It’s crucial to remember that because not all students absorb information the same way, flexibility in a classroom is key. Here are the best ways to utilize furniture in classroom and school settings for an effective setup.

Encourage Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is student-centred. It empowers students to be active participants in the learning process.

  • Flexibility: It’s easy to encourage collaborative learning when flexible seating options are available.
  • Comfort: Soft seating and stools are more comfortable and allow for students to gather close to each other to collaborate.
  • Seating: The Bello stool has a rounded base that accommodates a wide range of movement (lean, turn and move in any direction). That makes it an excellent option for classrooms and library spaces as well as students for are more focused when they can fidget while they work. The backless design ensures an ergonomic, upright position that encourages good posture. Bello’s four bright colour options will bring a touch of fun to any learning space.

Incorporate Health and Tech Trends

We’re continuously becoming a more technology-based and health-conscious world. Furniture can help adapt classrooms to suit this evolving landscape.

  • Power modules and tech accessories are crucial for classrooms.
  • White boards are still important for visual learners who appreciate seeing pictures or words, so ensure your classroom has them.
  • Ergonomic products keep classes moving. Learn by Safco has a wide variety of products designed to create flexible and active learning spaces for all educational environments.
  • Learn by Safco’s Zenergy™ ball chairs encourage movement throughout the day and may help support better posture and balance. These ball chairs are covered in fabric and have four legs with stationary glides to provide extra stability during movement.

Organize For More Effective Learning

Similar to workplaces, schools need organization and structure to thrive. Clutter in the workplace decreases productivity, and it also hinders hard work in schools.

  • Storage. There are lots of options for filing cabinets, bookshelves, and wheeled accessories that will assist in quickly and easily reconfiguring spaces and in keeping them tidy.

Create Numerous Classroom Spaces

Students appreciate having different options for writing surfaces and study areas.

  • Individual desks work well for students who excel when they work independently.
  • Standing desks or bike desks, placed in the back or a room, may be best for students who need to move instead of sit.
  • Soft seating spaces and tables are ideal for collaborative learning areas.
  • Rethink the classroom by doing away with desks completely in favour of creating dynamic learning spaces. Use standard height and bistro height tables; bench seating with tables along the perimeter of the room; and soft seating and a bean bag space.

Class is in Session at Source

We offer multi-use furniture that goes beyond the traditional corporate office setting. We give you options to suit your teaching style, and your students’ learning styles, to facilitate learning and productivity for everyone. Our furniture specialists will help recommend furniture and storage solutions to fit your school’s layout.

Additionally, Source supplies products from different companies, giving you a wide variety of products to choose from. You can also combine brands and product lines, giving your space a truly unique look.

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