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Optimize Your Office Break Room

Optimizing Your Office's Break Room

The break room is where your team goes to take breaks, eat, or decompress so they can be alert and engaged for the rest of their day. Whether you call it a break room, lunchroom, or the employee lounge, these spaces can be tough to plan. It’s a communal area but not everybody likes to take their breaks the same way.

Consider incorporating these things in your lunchrooms to address the different ways your team likes to relax, in a way that creates a restful and calming environment:

Paint and Paintings

Painting the walls and cabinets can make the staff room feel updated and new. Choose a relaxing colour, such as a soft green or blue, that differentiates the space from all the other rooms in the office.

An appropriate piece of art or painting can make the room feel cozier and more relaxing. It can also provide a visual distraction and be a conversation starter to those who feel like socializing.

A Library

Some team members enjoy productive breaks where they can continue to learn and develop their knowledge in a relaxed, no-pressure setting. Providing a library of books that help with self-development and skills knowledge is beneficial for your team and your organization.

When it comes to storing books, the Classic Heavy Duty Bookshelf provides a simple and sturdy solution. Available in a variety of heights and laminate finishes, the Classic Heavy Duty Bookshelf can fit any space and match the style of your break room.

Coffee and Snack Bars

Coffee, tea, and various drinks are often part of break rooms, but providing healthy snacks, such as fruits, vegetables, and granola bars are less common. Keeping a stocked snack bar can increase morale while aiding in the health of your team members. It’ll also save time so they don’t have to leave the office to find their own snacks.

A Variety of Seating

While classic table and chair combinations are often seen in break rooms, it can feel like sitting at a desk, which may not be the best for promoting a sense of relaxation. For meal breaks and eating, opt for bar height tables and chairs to differentiate the space from others. Adding lounge chairs or a sofa also provides a comfortable space to unwind.

The Bistro Meeting Table is simply designed and gives staff members a space to eat that feels different from other regular-height tables in the office. Pair this table with Tela Bistro Chairs for comfortable bistro-height seating that offers sturdy back support.

Fun and Recreation

Simple board games such as chess or checkers, and even a deck of cards, can be the distraction your team needs to take their minds off work during their breaks. Playing with coworkers can also create a sense of team bonding and a fun group dynamic.

Taking breaks and taking the time to rest during the workday is important for the health, morale, and productivity levels of you and your team. Although it might not seem like the most important part of your office, lunchrooms can foster self-improvement, teamwork, and company appreciation if it’s set up correctly.

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