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Workway Planters

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Workway Planters

Create an Environment for Growth

Designed with the contemporary workplace in mind, Workway Planters provide the perfect solution for dividing space, while enhancing any environment. These planters not only bring a touch of nature indoors but also contribute to well-being, creativity, and productivity. By incorporating natural elements, Workway Planters infuse vitality and liveliness into any setting. Moreover, all styles of Workway Planters seamlessly complement OFGO STUDIO's range of desking, benching, and reception solutions. Whether you seek to introduce greenery, create a welcoming atmosphere, or establish space separation, Workway Planters are the ideal choice for creating a healthy and refreshing office.

Available in 3 Configurations

No matter the size of your office, Workway Planters are available in 3 sizes and configurations that make it easy to add a pop of greenery anywhere.

Organic Style Adds Freshness to the Office

Made with a light wood color that pairs perfectly with greenery for an organic look, Workway Planters are easily incorporated into your office design.

Use with Other OFGO Collections for a Cohesive Look

Used in conjunction with other OFGO collections, Workway Planters create separation between different areas, adding flow and function.

Add greenery to your space for a happier and healthier work environment by contacting for a free consultation.

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Create a Thriving Work Environment

Incorporating plants into the workplace brings numerous benefits, including improved air quality, stress reduction, increased productivity, enhanced aesthetics, and better acoustics. Learn more about how you can create a better environment for your team by getting in touch with a specialist today.


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