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For Creative Collaboration

The Beatbox collection by OFGO adds flexibility to your work environment, making it perfect for meeting spaces, break rooms, reception areas, educational spaces, and more. Its unique construction features a modular design and components that are built with a flat back and sides, making a variety of configurations possible. Put these components together in multiple ways to create large, multi-person meeting spaces or private workstations where individual work can thrive. Add additional privacy with Beatbox screens that attach to the back or sides of each seat. These screens are designed to be slim, reducing bulk and maximizing space in your office.

Modular Design for Unlimited Configurations

The distinctive construction of the Beatbox collection uses a modular design and components that are constructed with a flat back and sides, allowing for a wide range of possible configurations.

Durable Construction with OFGO’s JIGSAW Method

Beatbox is built with a strong foundation using the JIGSAW method by OFGO, which creates a tough and durable frame where each piece reinforces the other.

Finished in Your Choice of Fabrics

Choose from a variety of fabric colors that contribute to the style of your office. Pair soft grays with muted colors that bring a fresh look to any space.

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Flexible Spaces That Work

By adding flexible lounge areas in your office, you create a comfortable and relaxing environment where people can feel their best. Learn more about how you to incorporate lounge-style furniture, like the Beatbox collection, in your office space by contacting us today.