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Embrace Privacy and Collaboration

Bring focus and privacy to meetings and individual work sessions with the Trullo collection by Nightingale. Available in single, 2-seat, and 3-seat configurations, Trullo’s surrounding high panels provide visual and acoustic separation. This collection of modular lounge seating is fully upholstered in your choice of materials including fabrics, vinyls, and leathers. Finish off the space with ottoman components that give you a productive surface to work or relax with your feet up. With Trullo, you can stay charged and connected with power outlets and USB ports that allow you to charge multiple devices at a time.

Designed for Privacy and Focus

Trullo offers a range of configurations including single, 2-seat, and 3-seat options, accompanied by high panels that provide effective visual and acoustic separation, perfect for collaboration or individual work.

Integrated Power and USB Outlets

Trullo empowers you to stay charged and connected effortlessly, featuring power outlets and USB ports that enable simultaneous charging of multiple devices.

Wide Selection of Materials and Colours

This modular lounge seating offers complete upholstery customization, allowing you to select from a variety of materials such as fabrics, vinyls, and leathers that all come in an array of colours.

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