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Modern Office Design

Modern Office Design

Before the mid-twentieth century, a strong focus on heavy textures, detail, and wood tones defined office design. Then came a shift towards a modern style that includes clean, straight lines; open concept floor plans; and warm, balanced neutrals. A modern office should also be an extension of a company’s core values, and it should instantly offer an idea of what the company is about.

So, what goes into a modern office design? Read on.

7 Keys to Creating a Modern Office

  1. Flexible Office Spaces
    The rigidity of yesteryear is not appealing to the younger workforce as people can be just as productive in areas that don’t contain a sea of cubicles. A non-restrictive office design with modular furniture allows for movement and easily reconfigurable layout. Employees working in spaces that appeal to their personal style is not only part of modern design, but it also helps to foster imagination, innovation, and collaboration.

  2. Incorporate Greenery and Natural Light
    Bringing the outside inside your office warms up the space, and it makes you healthier and more productive. Plants are a great way to create a calming and stress-free environment. They even help to reduce noise by absorbing sound. Designing with natural light (for plants and employees) in mind is also a modern approach. No one likes the glare of harsh office lights for eight hours a day.

  3. Integrate Technology
    Technology plays a crucial role in modern offices. A tech-savvy office allows employees to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Modern offices require power outlets, video conferencing technology and media tables that accommodate them, wireless charging stations, and smartboards. Source can even provide cord management and electrical components to keep workstations looking sleek and clean.

  4. Collaborative Office Furniture
    Collaborative furniture is important for work environments that rely communication and idea-sharing. Options include acoustic pods, where uninterrupted meetings can be held, and large meeting desks with power outlets, task lighting, and data sockets. Having workstation options is also key. Cubicles, benching, collaborative tables with stools, and booth and lounge-style soft seating all come together to modernize office design.

  5. Comfortable Work Areas
    Flashy perks like pinball machines or foosball tables aren’t always necessary. Small things to show employees they are appreciated go a lot further. For example, keep your coffee and tea area well stocked. Create spaces that nurture creativity and increase overall employee satisfaction by ensuring comfort. Incorporate seating areas with sofas where employees can lounge and get work done on their laptops.

  6. Modern Office Furniture
    Height-adjustable desks, collaborative workstations, and V-leg tables are all modern office furniture solutions. Designers often consider modular furniture and soft seating “modern” because of their minimalistic designs and clean lines. Additionally, add a sophisticated contemporary feel with sleek leather chairs and sofas.

  7. Smaller Ways to Modernize
    You don’t need to get rid of all of your furniture to create a modern office. Pick one or two things to change or replace that will make a big impact: dividing screens, panel tiles, or seat colours. You can also change out older hardware and accessories to updated, more ergonomic options. These include keyboard trays, monitor arms, and anti-fatigue mats for height-adjustable desks.

How do I Design a Modern Office?

Creating a new office layout or renovating your existing space can feel daunting. Our space planners and design specialists work with you to ensure your vision comes to life. These experts will assist you with choosing the right modern furniture while ensuring maximized functionality. They can also help reconfigure existing pieces within your space to modernize the look, while keeping cost and waste down.

Visit a Source showroom today to learn more about our space planning services.