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Mesh Office Chairs

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Mesh Office Seating

When it comes to finding office chairs for your modern office, mesh office chairs offer the perfect combination of ergonomic comfort and contemporary style. Mesh chairs are ergonomically designed to support the body with intentional contours that promote good posture, proper spine alignment, and lumbar support. In addition to ergonomics, Mesh chairs offer a lightweight and modern aesthetic, reducing bulk for a contemporary work environment. Mesh office chairs also offer unmatched breathability, which can help regulate body temperature and comfort while you tackle your to-do list!

Modern Style

Mesh chairs add a sleek and minimal style to your office. Their lightweight design boosts the modern appearance of your space by providing an open and airy feel that is perfect for smaller spaces.

Ergonomic Comfort

Mesh chairs offer excellent support because of their ergonomic design. The mesh material molds to your body, encouraging proper posture, while preventing body aches and pains.


The material used in Mesh Office Chairs is breathable, allowing for proper air circulation that keeps you cool and comfortable during long periods of sitting, which is conducive to a productive work environment.

Featured Products

coolmesh pro plus

CoolMesh Pro Plus Series

The CoolMesh Pro Plus’ modern white frame, white mesh back, and arm supports add style to any office environment. Equipped with built-in lumbar support and a sturdy aluminum base, the CoolMesh Pro Plus High Back chair delivers the ergonomic features you know and love in a stylish package.

sense office chair

Sense Series

The Sense Office Chair combines ergonomics, sustainability, and award-winning design in a sleek package that adds a modern flair to your office. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, Sense takes an eco-friendly approach to comfort that your body will love.

focus mesh chair

Focus Series

The Focus Series combines high-tech ergonomics with contemporary styling. Constructed and designed with total comfort in mind, the Focus features flex zones that ensure constant support for the back and lumbar, adjustable arm rests, and an optional adjustable headrest.

dionne mesh chair

Dionne Series

The Dionne Mesh Chair lets you enjoy the support of an ergonomic office chair without sacrificing style. Designed with clean lines, Dionne allows for customization with your choice of fabric seat options that suit your style, while providing lasting comfort no matter what the workday throws your way.

Mesh Office Chairs

A mesh office chair fulfills the function of a task chair, but rather than being upholstered in fabric or leather, its seat and back are made of a breathable membrane that stretches tightly over a plastic or metal frame to provide support. Due to the breathability and suppleness of the mesh, these office chairs provide back and seat support while keeping the user cool throughout the day.

Mesh office chairs can be fully mesh, with both the seat and backrest made of the material, or partially mesh. You can also get a combination mesh chair, which has a mesh backrest and a foam seat upholstered in fabric or leather.

History of Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh chairs are a staple in many offices now, so much so that it’s hard to remember a time without them. But they’re actually a recent addition to the office. Mesh chairs didn’t come into public consciousness until 1994, when Herman Miller released the Aeron chair. With its moulded plastic frame, soft curves and mesh back and seat, it looked futuristic. It was a striking change from the plush leather and fabric chairs that had dominated offices at the time, and a perfect fit for the new, forward-thinking businesses developing in Silicon Valley.

These days, mesh chairs are as much a part of the landscape as their upholstered counterparts, and come in a variety of styles and price points.

Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

The material used to create the seat and back of mesh office chairs gives it benefits not found in chairs with upholstering.


One of the main benefits of a mesh office chair is that it allows for better ventilation than fabric or leather chairs. Because of the breathable membrane it’s made from, mesh chairs facilitate airflow between your body and your chair, keeping your back and bottom cool and comfortable. This is in contrast to fabric or leather chairs, which tend to trap heat between your body and the chair and can even let sweat and body odour soak into the upholstery. Because of this, mesh chairs tend to be especially popular in areas where multiple people use the same seat.

Low Maintenance

Mesh chairs tend to be much less maintenance than fabric or leather chairs because they’re easier to clean. Whereas spills and messes could stain upholstered chairs and sink into the fabric, a mesh chair doesn’t hold on to messes. They can just be wiped off the surface with a damp cloth. And, because the material allows for airflow, it dries quickly too.

Modern Style

Mesh chairs only made their way to popular use in the 1990s, so their history only goes back about 30 years. Due to their recent appearance on the scene, mesh chairs aren’t saddled with the image of stuffy 80s corporate offices and are associated with a more contemporary look. Additionally, they’re frequently paired with chrome or stylishly moulded plastic, which give them a modern look. And because they tend to be smaller and more compact than their upholstered counterparts, they’re often found in smaller or open office spaces where leather and fabric task chairs may be too bulky to fit in.


Due to their construction, mesh isn’t as subject to fraying as fabric. Whereas fabric and padding will suffer from wear and tear, mesh will continue to stay strong and durable.

Ergonomic Support

The first commercial mesh chair, the Aeron chair by Herman Miller, was developed with comfort and support in mind. So it’s no surprise that most mesh office chairs come with lots of ergonomic features such as height and back adjustments, as well as wheels, swivel and arm rests.


All other things being equal, mesh office chairs tend to cost less than their leather and upholstery counterparts due to the material they’re made from and their smaller sizes. For businesses that are just starting out, mesh chairs are a great cost-effective option as an office chair.

Things to Watch Out For with Mesh Chairs

Mesh Can Be Uncomfortable

Mesh office chairs don’t inherently come with the cushioning provided by padded fabric and leather seats, so they can be uncomfortable for people who sit in them for long periods of time – especially if the mesh is made of harder, less supple material that doesn’t have much give. A hard mesh seat will feel similar to sitting on a surface like wood, which is fine for guest chairs or seating where people won’t sit for long periods of time, but not ideal for daily, prolonged use. Depending on the quality of the mesh, it may also be abrasive or rough to the touch, which can snag and tear at clothing after prolonged use.

Mesh Can Sag

Soft mesh, which has more give and is therefore more comfortable to sit on, has issues as well. Over time, this type of mesh may lose elasticity and begin to sag, leading to its own type of discomfort. The mesh might also expand and contract unevenly, which means it won’t properly disperse your weight over the seat, leading to pressure points that can cause pain and discomfort in the long run.

Limited Design

Because of their minimalistic design, there isn’t a lot of variety when it comes to the look of mesh chairs. Mesh also comes in a limited palette of colors, making it hard to complement office décor. That’s why designers prefer not to use mesh in their projects unless they’re aiming for a highly modern, technological look.

Mesh vs Leather and Fabric Office Chairs

Comfort and Ergonomics

Upholstered chairs are likely to provide a softer seat because they’re cushioned, but some mesh chairs are structured to create a soft but supportive seat as well. In this case, quality and build would be the deciding factor in which material you choose for your chair. It should be noted that not all mesh or cushioned chairs come with ergonomic settings, so if you are looking for a chair you can sit on for long periods at a time, day after day, finding one with ergonomic adjustments and features will be more important than the material itself.


Mesh offices chairs were developed to allow better ventilation between the chair and the user. The breathable membrane helps you stay cool when you sit on your chair, in contrast to upholstered seats that retain heat. For those who run hot, or find themselves in rooms that are too warm, mesh is the ideal material for your chair. It’s also desirable when multiple people use the chair. The airflow ensures that body fluids such as sweat don’t stick around. On the other hand, if you’re continually cold, having the added padding of an upholstered chair will help fend off the days when the air conditioner is on overdrive.


In general, mesh chairs tend to be easier to clean than cushioned chairs, as they don’t stain easily. Sweaty back? Spilled the contents of your sandwich on your seat? Just wipe it down with a damp cloth. Add soap if you have a particularly oily lunch. One thing to note, however, is that it might be difficult to clean in the holes running throughout the chair, depending on how large they are. Fabric chairs can soak up fluids and possibly stain because of them. Leather seats are more easily wiped down, but they can be prone to stains as well, if not regularly maintained. In general, we recommend regular cleaning and maintenance, no matter what type of chair you purchase.


Mesh office chairs, by virtue of their design, look more modern than their upholstered counterparts. That might be desirable in an office where the look is contemporary and minimalistic, but would be out of place in an office with warm wood finishes and a more classic look. Some companies prefer to furnish their office in brand colours or colours that complement their décor. Their best option would be fabric-upholstered chairs, since they can come in a variety of colours and even patterns. Mesh chairs, however, tend to come in black or dark grey, so they wouldn’t be able to contribute to the look and feel of the office.

Combination Mesh Office Chairs

Mesh chairs have a lot of benefits, but they also have downsides, the main ones being that they may not be as comfortable for all-day comfort as upholstered office chairs, and that they don’t have as many colour and style options.

That’s why many mesh chairs are available with a mesh back and a fabric or leather upholstered cushion for a seat. In this way, you can get the best of both worlds: the ventilation, ergonomic support, style and durability of a mesh chair with the soft comfort of a cushioned seat.

Making Your Mesh Office Chair Comfortable

Most people don’t buy mesh office chairs to sit on them for a few minutes at a time. They’re more appropriate for tasks where you’re working at a desk for long periods of time. As such, most mesh chairs come with a multitude of ergonomic adjustments you can use to make the chair fit your particular body.


Setting your chair at the right height is crucial to comfort and ergonomics. A chair that’s too high, without the support of a footrest, will leave your feet dangling and cause discomfort in your legs, or encourage you to scoot forward and leave the support of the backrest, leading to lower backpain and a slouched posture. A chair that’s too short will cause discomfort in the hip, as your joints have to bend at an unnatural angle to accommodate the shortness.

Set your chair height to allow your knees and hips to be at about a 90 degree angle. If you need to work at a higher desk and need to set your chair height to accommodate your elbows and arms, use a footrest that will allow you to rest your feet flat on it.

Back Support

Mesh office chairs can have either a mid back or a high back. Regardless of the height of the back, it’s important to have lumbar support for your lower back. Most mesh office chairs will come with some sort of adjustable lumbar support that you can move up and down to suit your body. However, if yours doesn’t come with this ergonomic feature, you might want to find a separate lumbar support pillow to your chair.


If your work doesn’t involve active typing or writing for the majority of the day, you might want armrests on your mesh office chair. Your arms take up about 5-6% of your total body weight, and keeping them elevated yourself can cause stress and tension on your neck and shoulders. Having armrests to support the weight can go a long way in alleviating potential aches and pains that come with a desk job.

How to Maintain a Mesh Office Chair

No matter how meticulous you are about keeping your work area and seat clean, spills and crumbs can make their way to your chair. Even if you don’t bring any food or liquids to your workstation, the very act of sitting on your chair will leave residue.

But don’t worry: mesh office chairs are very easy to clean. The best thing to do is lightly clean your mesh chair regularly. That way, it won’t get a chance to accumulate dust, dirt and grime that will require a deeper, more thorough cleaning in the future. Just dampen a soft cloth, like a microfibre cloth, and gently wipe the surface of your chair. If there is oil or grease, mix the water with a few drops of soap or dishwashing liquid, then wipe the surface again with plain warm water. Take care that you don’t scrub too hard, as you might either tear your cloth or the mesh on your chair with the force.

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