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Xtension by Logiflex Office Furniture - Shop office cubicles with Xtension by Logiflex at Source Office Furniture.

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Stylish Privacy That Goes a Long Way

Define spaces in your office using Xtension by Logiflex. Whether you want to create division between individual workspaces or if you’re creating a designated meeting area, Xtension is the stylish solution that keeps your office light, airy, and clutter-free. By using natural wood tones, this collection adds warmth to your office, creating a work environment that’s modern and welcoming. Its low-profile construction makes the most out of the square footage in your office, maximizing efficiency at every corner. With thoughtful storage and integrated power connectivity available, your office will perform better than ever.

Natural Sleek Design

Available in a range of wood colors and finishes, this collection’s natural and organic design makes for an office environment that feels calming.

Smart Storage Solutions

Choose from a range of thoughtful storage solutions that fit within your desired configuration for a workspace that’s easy to keep clean and organized.

Integrated Power and Network Cable Management

Xtension keeps wires and cords concealed with hidden cable trays that help with wire management and keep workspaces looking clutter-free.

Add stylish privacy to your office and create a high-performing work environment with a free consultation from an office furniture specialist.

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