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Infiniti by Logiflex Office Furniture - Shop comfortable office seating with Infiniti by Logiflex at Source Office Furniture.

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Infiniti Soft Seating

Bring Comfort to the Workplace

Designed with the comforts of home in mind, Infiniti by Logiflex lets you create comfortable lounge areas that have the flexibility your team craves. Infiniti’s modular design makes any configuration possible, perfect for the largest open spaces or the smallest corners. Put Infiniti’s straight and curved pieces together to achieve a shape that’s unique and takes advantage of every square footage at your disposal.

Modular Design for Unlimited Configurations

No matter the size of your space, Infiniti by Logiflex features a modular design that lets you put pieces together to achieve a seating area that fits your office.

Multi-Use Application

This soft seating collection is versatile, making it perfect for reception areas, waiting rooms, break rooms, informal meeting spaces, and more.

Available in a Range of Fabric Combinations

Match your Infiniti Soft Seating with the décor of your office or with the colors of your brand using Logiflex’s wide range of fabric options.

Talk to our specialists about how you can create a comfortable and inviting office environment with Infiniti by Logiflex.

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