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Cake by Logiflex Office Furniture - Shop home office desks with Cake by Logiflex at Source Office Furniture.

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Workspaces that Blend with Home

Meet the Cake Collection by Logiflex. Minimal and compact in design, Cake offers space-saving solutions that are smart and functional, perfect for home offices and corners of your home. The clean lines and neutral colour palette of Cake make it easy to integrate this collection with your home décor for a stylish, simple, and ergonomically friendly workspace. Although Cake is intended for the work-from-home experience, it’s still made with commercial quality and durability that you can rely on.

Minimal and Compact Design

The compact design of the Cake collection makes it easy to use in small corners or tight spaces in your home, minimizing bulk and obstruction.

Commercial-Quality Construction

Although the Cake collection was made for home offices and workspaces, it is made with superior quality that is durable and stands up to heavy use.

Residential Style and Colour Palette

The minimal design of this collection easily integrates with your home and décor. Using a neutral colour palette that includes black, white, and a light laminate finish, Cake blends into your space perfectly.

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Stay Productive At Home

Don’t compromise on ergonomics and function just because you work from home. While dining tables and chairs might do the trick temporarily, they’re not ideal in the long run. Learn how you can create a workspace at home that prioritizes comfort and productivity by speaking to an office furniture specialist near you.