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Hybrid Work Space

3 Ways to Design an Office for Hybrid Work

As the nature of work shifts to accommodate remote work, many businesses have adopted the hybrid work model where some employees work from home, some work in the office, and some do both.

This new way of working offers employees flexibility, improved work-life balance, and increased productivity, leading to higher levels of job satisfaction and mental well-being.

Adapting to these changing expectations is vital for businesses who want to attract new talent and retain the employees they already have. When designing workspaces that help employees be at their most productive and keep up with the demands of a hybrid workforce, consider implementing these elements to your office.

1) Meeting Spaces and Collaborative Areas

Many remote workers struggle with the isolation and disconnect that comes with working from home full-time. With the rise of the hybrid model, the traditional office has been repurposed as a centralized hub for collaboration, teamwork, and social interaction.

Apart from traditional boardrooms that are still useful for formal meetings, collaborative areas are shifting towards meeting spaces that are casual and take an informal approach. These spaces often involve soft seating options that allow employees to get comfortable and lounge, promoting dialogue and connection throughout the day.

At Source, we have a wide selection of comfortable and engaging seating options that bring excitement back to team meetings. The Compose Series features a modular construction, making it versatile and perfect for any area. The bonded leather is comfortable and easy to clean, ideal for heavy use and high traffic areas.

For a fun and informal meeting area, Hon’s Skip collection is uniquely designed to provide an active seating style that keeps your body engaged. The curved base lets you rock, rotate, and move freely, making it a fun seating destination in your office.

2) Health and Wellness for Individual Workstations

Health and wellness have been top of mind in recent years. Employees now expect employers to invest in their wellbeing and promote health in the workplace.

Incorporating ergonomic furniture in your office can go a long way in ensuring the health of your employees. Ergonomic chairs and active seating options promote good posture, while preventing neck and back pain.

At Source, we carry a large selection of ergonomic chairs. The Bello Ergonomic Stool accommodates for a wide range of movement and encourages users to remain at an upright position. While Bello works perfectly in office settings, it is also great in schools, libraries, medical settings, and more.

Height-adjustable standing desks encourage movement and help employees stay active while they work. Using a standing desk can also restore energy and focus, improving productivity and performance.

The Enhance Height Adjustable Desk is built to move with ease and features a superior range of motion. The electronic controls allow you to save your preferred height levels for an easy transition from sit to stand.

3) Touchdown Stations

Many hybrid workers are only in the office half the time or less. A dedicated workspace for every employee might not make sense for every business and can create a sense of emptiness in the office when hybrid workers aren’t there.

Touchdown stations can be used by anyone at any time, making it ideal for hybrid workers who use the office sporadically throughout the work week. These stations promote flexibility in the workplace and create comfortable spaces that invite people to settle in. Touchdown stations can take shape as open desking areas, private booths, or lounge spaces where laptop connectivity is possible.

We carry a range of desking and table solutions that make it easy to send a quick email or finish one last task for the day. The Elements Collection features team benching solutions that are laptop friendly and create casual workspaces for your hybrid team. Add some separation with low-profile dividers that make employees feel like they have a space of their own.

Keeping Up with the Needs of Your Staff

As the hybrid model changes the nature of work , it’s important for businesses and employers to change with it. Creating a space where hybrid employees have choice and flexibility is key to staying on top of the new expectations and demands of a hybrid workforce. While collaborative areas, health-minded workstations, and touchdown stations are a good place to start, they may not work for your team and business. When designing a new workspace, asking your team what they want to see can go a long way towards creating an office that works for your staff.

If you’re ready to transform your space to accommodate hybrid work, call or visit your nearest Source Office Furnishings location to get started.