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The Neat Suite

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The Neat Suite

Empower Your Workspace

Transform Your Workspace into a Smart, Connected Haven with the Neat Suite collection by Humanscale. This suite of solutions lets you achieve optimal tidiness while positioning technology precisely where you need it, turning any ordinary desk into a haven of efficiency.

NeatTech Cable Management

With NeatTech, you can minimize exposed wires and cords with a lightweight basket that elegantly stores power strips and cables, ensuring a tidy and secure workspace, free from clutter on the floor.

NeatHub Desktop Power Outlets

NeatHub is a comprehensive desktop power solution designed to provide convenient and continuous connectivity throughout the day. It includes two AC outlets, a standard USB-A port, and a USB-C port.

NeatCharge Wireless Charger

NeatCharge is an elegant and intuitive wireless charger that allows devices to charge effortlessly by being placed on a working surface. NeatCharge discreetly attaches underneath desks or tabletops, ensuring continuous power for mobile devices throughout the day.

NeatUp Cable Concealer

NeatUp is an innovative cable management solution specifically created for sit/stand desks. It uniquely adapts to the desk's movements, ensuring a seamless self-adjustment, while also directly delivering power to the user.

Integrate seamless power in your workstation with the Neat Suite of connectivity solutions. Just ask an office furniture specialist.

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