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Sit/Stand Solutions

For Movement At Work

Humanscale's selection of sit-to-stand products are made with the body in mind. Studies have shown that prolonged hours of sitting can cause aches, pains, and poor posture, all of which lead to an uncomfortable and unproductive working experience. With ergonomically designed products like height-adjustable desks, sit-to-stand table-top systems, and monitor arms, you can comfortably stand for hours as you work, preventing back pain while promoting movement throughout the day.

Float and EFloat Height-Adjustable Desks

The Float and EFloat height-adjustable standing desk products from Humanscale feature multi-stage, telescoping bases that bring your entire work surface with you as you transition from sit to stand. With electronic controls and preset buttons available, Float and EFloat desks make it easy to change heights quickly and effortlessly.

QuickStand Sit to Stand Desk Risers

Perfect for users who already have a desk, the QuickStand collection of desk risers are free-standing units that sit on your desk’s surface and include a keyboard tray that moves with your monitor as you sit or stand.

QuickStand Monitor Arm and Keyboard Units

Monitor arms in this collection are equipped with keyboard trays and can be installed into the grommets of your existing desk for a clean and unified look.

Discover different ways to integrate health and ergonomics in your workspace with Humanscale's Sit/Stand Solutions by getting in touch with a Source specialist today.

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Elevate Your Work and Your Health

By choosing products that are designed with ergonomics in mind, you can create an office environment that prioritizes health and wellbeing, resulting in happier, healthier, and more productive workplace. Contact us today to get started.


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