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Monitor Arms and Integrated Docks

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Monitor Arms and Integrated Docks

Elevate Your Productivity. Simplify Your Workspace.

In our modern, digital world, comfort should never be compromised. Humanscale's ergonomic monitor arms and mounts are designed to declutter workspaces, enhancing comfort, well-being, and productivity. By promoting a tidy workspace, these monitor arms not only improve organization but also support a healthier and more ergonomic posture. Users are encouraged to adjust their monitors to the optimal height, reducing eye and neck strain. For collaborative and flexible work environments, the combination of Humanscale's monitor arms with M/Connect™, the industry's first integrated adjustable monitor arm base and docking station, creates an even more collaborative and versatile workspace solution.

Designed to Adjust and Adapt

Humanscale’s selection of monitor arms feature multi-pivot joints that let you achieve any angle and height, for a customized experience.

Seamless Connectivity with M/Connect Monitor Arm Docking Station

This one-of-a-kind docking station integrates to the base of your monitor arm, creating a clean, single unit that keeps your desk clutter-free.

Ultra-Sleek Design for a Clean Modern Look

Humanscale’s monitor arms are simple and sleek in design, further creating a neat organized workspace.

Achieve next-level ergonomics and function with Humanscale’s collection of monitor arms. Learn how with a free consultation from one of our expert office furniture specialists.

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Ergonomic Accessories for Your Office

Ergonomics doesn’t stop at your desk or chair. With accessories like monitor arms, keyboard trays, and more, you can achieve a higher level of ergonomic comfort. Learn more by getting in touch with a Source specialist today.


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