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Humanscale Lighting

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Illuminating Productivity

Discover Humanscale's revolutionary task lights, crafted with a harmonious blend of performance, elegance, and functionality. Engineered to alleviate eye fatigue, enhance reading comfort, and minimize energy consumption, Humanscale’s intuitive task lights embody sustainability using cutting-edge LED technology. Experience optimal comfort while reducing your carbon footprint – a win-win for both individuals and eco-conscious organizations.

LED Lights for Cost and Energy Efficiency

Humanscale's task lights are exclusively powered by LED technology. Consuming as little as 10% of the energy and boasting a lifespan up to 60 times longer than incandescent bulbs, Humanscale’s LED task lights illuminate your workspace with unparalleled efficiency and longevity.

Multi-Tilt Designs to Achieve the Perfect Angles

Illuminate any corner of your workspace with Humanscale’s multi-tilt design that lets you adjust your task light based on your needs.

Sleek and Minimal Designs

Humanscale task lights feature modern designs that are sleek and take up very little room on your desk surface.

Improve lighting in your office with Humanscale task lights by contacting Source today.

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Shed Light On Your Work

Work comfortably with improved office lighting and prevent eye fatigue and strain. Talk to an office furniture specialist to discover more lighting accessories for your workspace.