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How to Set up Your Reception Area

How to Setup Your Reception Area

Long gone are the days of cluttered reception areas with too much seating, dark and intimidating furniture, and a closed-in reception desk where receptionists “hide.”

An office’s reception area is an opportunity to impress visitors from the moment they walk in the door. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so designing a well-thought-out reception space will set you up for success.

Discover how you can design a modern, welcoming space with simple yet effective details.

Stay on Brand

  • Industry. Consider the industry in which your work when designing your reception area. What sort of tone are you trying to set?
  • Budget. Don’t pinch pennies on areas that are “front facing” to clients and potential customers.
  • Brand It. The reception area also communicates your brand image. A corporate law office’s reception area is going to look different than a creative agency’s.
  • Values and Vision. Finding the right style and theme for reception requires considering your company’s core values and vision.
  • Brand Decorating. An easy way to highlight your brand is by decorating with your company’s colours, or by placing the logo design on a wall.

Technology and start-up companies are leading the way when it comes to branding in their reception areas. For example, Google, Pinterest and Spotify have unique welcome spaces that incorporate company colours, logos and eye-catching décor.

It’s All About the Reception Desk

The most important piece of reception area furniture is the reception desk since it’s the focus of the space. Visitors typically go straight to the reception desk, so it’s naturally where their point of vision goes as soon as they walk through the door.

  • Maximize Wayfinding. Avoid placing too many obstacles between the door and the reception desk. Visitors should have a clear path to the receptionist.
  • Make It Stand Out. Consider having the reception desk stand out with a contrasting colour or a unique style that is more contemporary or elegant than everything else in the reception area.
  • Dual Desks. In medical or dentist offices, multiple receptionists are common. Since patients are constantly checking in, a dual reception desk is a smart solution.
  • Panels. With attached modesty panels, receptionists can feel confident that patient’s confidential information is protected.
  • Explore Styles and Shapes. A spherical reception desk has multi-level surfaces and can be configured to fit your space.
  • Ergonomics. Because receptionists sit at their desk for the entire workday, comfort is as important as design. Ensure they have an ergonomic chair and accessories such as a keyboard tray and monitor arms.

Comfort vs. Style

Designers often struggle with finding a balance between style and comfort. A unique modern guest chair can add visual interest to the room, but it won’t be worth the expense if it’s uncomfortable for your visitors.

  • Modular Reception Seating. This popular trend of seating that can be rearranged to suit the changing needs of its environment allows for custom configurations that fit your office layout.
  • Smaller Reception Areas. Club chairs and end tables can easily transform the room into a cozy waiting space.

Office Space Planning and Design

No matter your industry and brand, a minimal reception area goes a long way. It creates an open, decluttered atmosphere that’s inviting. To achieve this:

  • Keep items off the reception desk.
  • Opt for filing cabinets and closed storage.
  • A strategically placed plant or two helps create a sense of harmony and balance.

Get Help

Often, we have a vision in our mind of what we want the space to look like, but we don’t know where to start. Office space planning works to arrange furniture and people together in a work area to maximize efficiency. Available space, employee roles, and equipment requirements are all taken into consideration. Learn more about how you can take advantage of this service and start designing the perfect reception area today.

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