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How to Decorate Your Cubicle for Style and Function

How to Decorate Your Cubicle for Style and Function

Your cubicle is your personal space. It’s your home away from home. Although you’re there to work, personalizing your area can help you feel more comfortable as you get your tasks done. Adding life and excitement to your cubicle, while ensuring your area stays clutter and distraction-free, is a delicate balance. Here are some ways your can achieve a personalized, yet productive, workspace you can thrive in.

Before you start, make sure that your cubicle is organized and clutter -free. Adding storage solutions, like additional desk drawers or cabinets, will go a long way by making sure everything has a home. This way, you can add decorative items to your desk without it feeling too crowded.

Lamps and Lighting

Fluorescent, overhead lights are harsh. Stark lighting can be hard on the eyes and can make it difficult to feel comfortable in your space. Adding a lamp, such as the Vamp LED Lamp, to your desk with warmer light can create a cozy and welcoming ambiance, making you feel right at home.

Fresh Flowers or Plants

Adding life to your cubicle, literally in this case, can help you reduce stress and can create a happier and healthier work environment. Plants that can thrive in low light and limited fresh air make perfect desk buddies. This includes snake plants, ZZ plants, Peace Lilies, and more.

Pictures or Quotes

Whether it’s a photo of your favourite city or your pet dog, adding pictures that inspire you can help you stay motivated throughout the day. It can also serve as a visual escape when you need a quick break.

Quotes have a similar function. Displaying a quote that resonates with you can be encouraging and inspirational.

Desk Accessories That Suit Your Style

Your cubicle’s primary function is to be a workspace, but you can still add your personal flare to the accessories on your desk. Using pencil holders and desk trays that serve as décor is a great way to create a functional and organized area that doesn’t sacrifice your style.

Achieving a Balance Between Function and Décor

Styling your cubicle can be a lot of fun, but it’s easy to get carried away. Consider creating a designated spot for decorative and personal items, like a shelf or a corner of your cubicle, to make sure they’re not distracting you throughout your day.

Cubicles may have a bad reputation, but depending on your industry, creating separation so each employee has their own space can lead to more productivity and job satisfaction. At Source, we carry paneling systems that come in a range of heights based on your privacy and collaboration needs. To learn more, call or visit your nearest Source Office Furniture location.