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Abound by HON Office Furniture - Shop cubicle walls, panel systems, and office partitions at Source Office Furniture.

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HON Abound Collection

A Higher Standard for Today’s Modern Office

The Abound collection by HON reimagines cubicle walls, panel systems and office partitions by maximizing flexibility. Abound is constructed with a stack-style design that uses interchangeable tiles to create panel systems of varying sizes, heights, and materials. With limitless combinations available, Abound lets you achieve any configuration and any style aesthetic, whether you’re furnishing an open workspace, team environments, private offices, and more.

Endless Tile Options

Make a bold statement, or opt for an understated design with a wide range of tile options and materials available to choose from. Abound’s tile options include fabric, glass, marker board, tool tiles, gallery panels, and more.

Easy to Install and Reconfigure

Designed to maximize flexibility, Abound is easy to reconfigure and lets you switch up your tiles and rearrange as needed, ensuring you get the best use out of your panel system or cubicle wall.

Contemporary Design

Abound takes a modern approach to cubicle walls, panel systems, and office partitions, elevating the style and vibe of your entire work environment with clean and crisp lines.

Abound for Your Office

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Our office furniture specialists have years of experience working with HON products, like Abound. With so much knowledge and expertise under their belt, they can help you achieve an office that fuses style and functionality.