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Make a Statement

Equilibrium achieves a remarkable balance between form and function, transforming any conference or boardroom space into a stunning design statement. Its revolutionary patented design only uses a single base to create the illusion of a floating surface extending up to 20 feet. Equilibrium opens up a world of aesthetic possibilities, adding eye-catching luxury your clients, guests, and employees will notice. The base, finished in a neutral tone, seamlessly disappears, drawing attention to the captivating floating top. For added drama, choose from centered or offset cantilevers, while diverse finishes for the base and cantilevers offer a dynamic two-tone aesthetic.

One-Of-A-Kind Design

With its groundbreaking patented design, Equilibrium defies convention by utilizing just a single base to create the illusion of a remarkable floating surface that can extend up to an impressive 20 feet.

Centered or Offset Base Options

Elevate the visual impact by selecting either centered or offset cantilevers, adding a touch of drama to the design of your boardroom.

Multiple Finish Combinations Available

Experience a dynamic two-tone aesthetic by selecting from a range of diverse finishes for both the base and cantilevers, allowing you to customize and create a unique look.

Create a meeting space that gets noticed with the Equilibrium collection by Enwork. Get in touch with a Source office furniture specialist to find out how.

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