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Client Project - McDaniel and Associates | Source Office Furniture

McDaniel and Associates: Prioritizing Health and Wellness with Office Furniture

Employee health is a growing consideration among businesses as it contributes to a thriving work environment where team members are happy and energized. One of the most important ways of incorporating health and wellness in your office is by using ergonomic office furniture that supports your team, while providing comfort resulting in a productive, motivated, and healthy work environment.

When McDaniel and Associates, a leading petroleum consulting firm that provides third-party reserve reports and certifications, turned to Source Office Furniture to create modern workspaces that prioritized the health of their engineers, geologists, and other members of their team, we were happy excited to help.

Ergonomic Standing Desks

Working in the office can often mean hours of prolonged sitting and a sedentary lifestyle. This can lead to body aches, back pain, fatigue, and more. That’s why it’s important to have proper office furniture that will support your body throughout the day.

In McDaniel and Associate’s office, we installed Enhance Height-Adjustable Standing Desks in each workstation to give employees the choice to sit or stand during their workday. These height-adjustable desks also allow employees to find a setting that works best for their height and body, making peak comfort more achievable. The Enhance Height Adjustable Standing Desk is easily controlled by buttons that allow you to save your favourite heights, making the transition from sit to stand even more effortless.

Maximize Efficiency with Office Storage

Using pieces from the Performance Elements collection, Source outfitted each station with a cabinet and hutch combination, making sure that important storage and organization needs were met. Using the popular Newport Grey laminate finish, we were able to achieve a stylish, modern, and comfortable office space that has a elegantly professional style.

Incorporate Ergonomics in Your Office with Source

Upgrading your office to a more ergonomic and health-conscious design may sound intimidating. At Source, we guide you through the benefits of our products, while helping you plan a layout that works for your space, budget and style. Get started and call or visit your nearest Source Office Furniture location.