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Client Project - Yale Library | Source Office Furniture

Yale Library: Showcasing Versatility in Office Furniture

Sometimes all it takes to transform a space is new furniture. Source Office Furniture takes pride in breathing new life into spaces and refreshing rooms to make them look brand new using office furniture pieces that have the versatility to be used in multiple settings.

Transforming a Library in Abbotsford

Located in an older building, the Yale Library in Abbotsford was due for an upgrade and refresh that would inspire people to visit and read.

To get started, our space planning experts designed and mapped out ways in which the Yale Library could be transformed using virtual renderings. These 2-D and 3-D renderings made it easy to visualize the new space and make executing the design simple and stress-free.

Showcasing Books with Heavy Duty Bookshelves

To display and carry books in the Yale Library, we used Performance Furnishings Heavy Duty Bookshelves. These shelves can be used as storage in an office but they also have the durability and strength to withstand the weight of several books making them perfect in a library setting.

Reception Chairs for Lounge Seating

At Source, we carry a wide range of comfortable soft-seating products that are typically used in reception and waiting areas. These reception chairs integrate seamlessly in libraries to create reading areas that invite visitors to get comfortable and start reading.

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Office furniture specialists at Source have the knowledge and experience to make the most out any space. Whether your business is a library, school, or corporate office, our experts can guide you through our wide product selection, while giving you suggestions based on your needs, budget, and style.

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