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Client Project - Vovia | Source Office Furniture

Vovia: Boosting Productivity with Ergonomic Workstations

Workstations that lack ergonomics and comfort can affect the health and well-being of your team. Not only can this discomfort lead to back aches and body pain overtime, but it can also stunt productivity and energy.

When Vovia, a Calgary-based media and marketing firm, decided it was time to transform their office, we were excited to help them create ergonomically friendly workstations where their employees can thrive.

Standing Up to Back Pain with Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

We used the Enhance Height Adjustable Desk by Performance Furnishings for each workstation in Vovia’s office. Height-Adjustable standing desks are a great way to implement ergonomics and health into any office. Not only do they give users the option to stand for parts of the workday, but they also allow users to get a customized height at a seated position, ensuring that monitors and keyboards are at a comfortable height.

Office Storage Cabinets for Organization

Using the Performance’s Elements collection, we outfitted each station of Vovia’s offices with the Storage and Bookcase Combo Cabinet. This cabinet features open and closed storage, allowing users to organize their space how they see fit. This storage solutions also provides employees with additional surface area, perfect for achieving a seamless workflow.

Creating Separation with Office Panel Systems and Cubicle Walls

With the help of Tayco's Cosmo collection of panels and cubicle walls, we added an element of privacy to Vovia’s office. These cubicle walls give employees a comfortable work environment by introducing visual and acoustic privacy that enables distraction-free productivity.

Furniture for Your Entire Office

With the use of difference products, collections, and brands, this project for Vovia exemplifies Source Office Furniture’s wide selection of office furniture. With access to so many versatile products, we make it easy to create offices that are custom to your team, your space, and your business.

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