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Client Project - Saskatchewan Health Authority | Source Office Furniture

Saskatchewan Health Authority: Flexible Seating in Breakrooms

The healthcare industry is a vital part of every community. From doctors’ offices to hospitals, healthcare workers must provide high-quality and timely care to their patients. When Saskatchewan Health Authority came to Source Office Furniture Regina to update the residents lounge in one of their hospitals, we were thrilled to provide our services!

The Saskatchewan Health Authority employs over 40,000 employees and physicians, making it the largest organization in the province. As an organization that helps the public navigate their health and well-being, the Saskatchewan Health Authority wanted to invest in the rest and recovery of their staff.

Creating a Relaxing Space with Modular Soft Seating

From reading and studying to meal breaks and socializing, our experts at Source Regina knew that the residents lounge would be used for a variety of activities. We recommended the Sit collection by Logiflex. With its modular design, each piece can be reconfigured and rearranged based on the situation. Strong and durable in build, the materials are made to last and withstand high levels of traffic.

While the Sit collection works perfectly for staff rooms, it can also be used in reception areas and waiting rooms. For example: an arrangement that centers around a coffee table can help guests relax and get comfortable while they wait. The mobility and modular style of the collection also allows for separation and lets patients have their own space.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade a break room or waiting area, Source carries a range of reception furniture and seating collections that make comfort and durability a priority. Check out one of our 12 locations across Canada to find out more.