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Client Project - Pattison Agriculture

Pattison Agriculture: Creating a Team-Focused Office When Working From Home Wasn’t Working

Offices are an essential part of promoting collaboration and bringing your team together to meet in person. Having that face-to-face connection can help strengthen the way your team does business, resulting in higher performance, quicker decision-making, and more productivity overall. When Pattison Agriculture came to Source, they had the goal of providing their Regina-based executive team with a space to come together and meet.

A New Office Space for Pattison Agriculture

Pattison Agriculture proudly serves their clients by providing the tools, technology, and agronomic services needed to improve their client’s agricultural practices, while positively impacting the agriculture industry as a whole.

Pattison Agriculture’s executive team are all local to Regina and felt they needed somewhere closer to meet with one another than their existing office in Saskatoon. Although they could chat virtually, or meet in various locations in Saskatoon, they still felt a sense of separation they wanted to fix. Their solution was to create a hub in Regina, providing a closer location for the Executive team to meet in person.

Source was thrilled to take part in this project that would ultimately bring people closer together. We took the time to understand Pattison Agriculture’s needs, which was to create modern, energetic, and professional spaces within an office that could accommodate 18 staff members and meeting rooms that could accommodate up to 30. In addition to meeting rooms, they also needed furniture for a reception area, executive offices, and a break room.

Bringing People Together with Tayco Office Furniture

Starting at the entrance of the office, we outfitted Pattison Agriculture’s reception area with a custom Tayco reception desk that gives the room a fresh and modern look. The cool wood tones accented by a black transaction top keeps the space looking professional, while adding flair and functionality.

Providing people with a restful space where they can spend their coffee and meal breaks was another must-have for Pattison Agriculture. We used Tayco’s bistro height Kip Table to bring a more casual look and feel to the space. We also used Performance Tela Bistro Stools for modern seating around the table.

In the executive offices, we used a mix of Tayco’s Metro Executive and Halifax lines, which establish a professional and welcoming feel. We continued the cool wood grains in the executive offices for consistency when it came to style and design. For functionality, the bowfront shape of the desk invites guests to take a seat, while continuous storage along the back provides ample drawer space to keep the office neat and organized

Lastly, boardrooms and meeting spaces were a key focus in this project. We wanted the meeting spaces to accommodate as many people as Pattison Agriculture needed to bring the company closer together. We outfitted these rooms with Tayco’s Noris and Metro collections, providing a sleek and modern area to host meetings and come together as a team.

Create a Collaborative Team Environment with Source

If you’re looking for ways to bring your team together to promote teamwork and collaboration, we can help you achieve that with office furniture that is functional, stylish, and gets your team excited to come to the office. Our Office Furniture Specialists have so much knowledge and expertise to share about our extensive line of products and how they can be used most efficiently in your office. From beginning to end, they’ll guide you through the entire office furniture process.

See how Pattison Agriculture and Megan from Source Office Furniture Regina worked together to create these beautiful and functional spaces for Pattison Agriculture’s Team.

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