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Client Project - Napa Auto Parts Calgary | Source Office Furniture

Napa Auto Parts Calgary: Minimal and Stylish Office Furniture Solutions

Nothing completes the transformation of a newly renovated office more than new office furniture. When Napa Auto Parts Calgary completed their office renovation, they wanted new workstations to match their brand new space. Excited to take on the task, Source Office Furniture Calgary worked closely with Napa Auto Parts to create an office with a modern and contemporary feel that maximizes productivity, while providing smart solutions for their needs

Napa Auto Parts is an automotive company that aims to provide reliable and affordable service to its customers with 600 locations across Canada. Making car repairs and maintenance more accessible, Napa Auto Parts makes the process simple by selling affordable parts, tools, equipment and more.

Stylish Workstations and Cubicles with HON Accelerate

We wanted to maximize style in Napa Auto Parts’ office, while also factoring productivity and workflow. That’s why we chose HON’s Accelerate collection to furnish the space. Designed with minimal lines for a clean and distraction-free work environment, this collection is fully customizable and can accommodate and configuration based on your space and needs. This flexibility makes the Accelerate collection perfect for any office.

With L-shaped desks at each workstation, each employee has the surface area to spaciously accommodate computer equipment, paperwork, and other tools they need quick access to. The panel-mounted hutches and pedestals, provide ample storage to keep the space neat and organized. Lastly, we opted for glass-topped panels to provide acoustic separation and minimize noise, while still allowing for a collaborative work environment.

Newly updated and carefully thought-out workspaces can make a big difference when it comes to improving function and efficiently in your office. Our experts can guide you through our selection of office furniture, while helping you create a layout that suits your needs. If you’re ready to optimize your office for you, your team, and your business, call or visit one of our 12 locations across Canada to get started.