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Be Active in the Workplace

Be Active in the Workplace

The average desk job requires employees to be seated for long periods of time while they focus on productivity and completing tasks throughout the workweek. Sitting for extended amounts of time however can cause negative effects such as fatigue, difficulty focusing, waning productivity, and less creativity.

That’s where Source Office Furniture can step in with a list of tips that will help combat a sedentary lifestyle and maintain office health into the fresh new year ahead!

#1 Increase Walking Distances

One of the simplest things you can do to keep your heart healthy throughout the workweek is to increase your daily step count. Park further away from the office’s front doors, take the stairs whenever possible, and periodically walk around the office to communicate with your coworkers instead of just texting or emailing them. By keeping your blood flowing and heart pumping, you decrease your risk of suffering from health complications caused by living a sedentary lifestyle.

Take it a step further (pun intended) and enhance your office space to be cardio-friendly with an under-the-desk elliptical or bicycle, which will strengthen your calves and ankles while you are busy keeping up the work pace.

#2 Implement Standing Desks

It’s impossible to sit around and slouch all day when you have a cutting-edge standing desk from Source. Source has a multitude of modern and aesthetic ergonomic standing desk options that will help you maintain health-focused resolutions well into the new year.

#3 Get Some Air

Having a clear head can help you scale your creativity to new heights and improve focus so you can dive deeper into the finer details of your work. Switch out the seated conference room speculation for a brisk walk around the block with some coworkers where you can multitask and brainstorm in the energizing fresh air. Not only will you feel impressively productive, but your circulation and stiff muscles will thank you for the active break in your day.

No time to get outside? No problem. Open a window and take a seat nearby in an ergonomic chair while planting both feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in while counting to six, hold the breath in for six more counts, and exhale over six counts. Repeat three times for a serious boost in cognitive clarity, energy, and mood.

#4 Stretch It Out

While Sources’ ergonomic furniture can help with posture, circulation, and weekday energy, a good stretch every couple of hours is always beneficial for the body and feels so good too!

Simple head tilts gently stretch the neck and trapezius muscles which are commonly known to hold a lot of tension; just remember to go slow and do not make any sudden movements.

Release shoulder tension with 10 shoulder raises followed by 10 shoulder rolls, front to back, and back to front. Repeat on each arm three times.

Draw each letter of the alphabet with your foot as you sit and plug away at your work to stretch and strengthen the muscles in your lower legs and ankles.

These simple movements won’t interrupt you from staying on task, and maybe your coworkers will catch on and be inspired to do their own version of workplace stretches.

#5 Desk-Friendly Exercises

Combat a sedentary lifestyle and prioritize health by implementing simple desk-friendly exercises to keep your good ideas flowing all throughout the workday. Feeling shy? Try utilizing a room divider or free-standing shield so you can stay active in the workplace in peace.

Kick it up a notch by combining a height-adjustable standing desk with a mobile treadmill so you can think and strategize your next big move while you’re on the go, or organize an office walking group to hit the trails on lunch breaks or after back-to-back meetings.

Professional Floor Plan Services From Source

With a focus on office health and following safety protocols, it can be challenging to know what your workspace needs. Consult Source for an optimized office floor plan and realize the full potential of your office space. Our free consultation takes the stress of designing a strategic floor plan so you and your team can focus on what really matters! is proud to provide solutions to help keep you happy, healthy, and successful. Contact us today at 1-800-667-8488 to see how we can keep you moving!